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2-Axis Servo Gantry

ServoLinear Pick & Place Solution

– Fully automated ‘Pick & Place’ solution for building (64) unit layers of product in 8×8 formations
– Multi-layer stacking with use of corrugated dunnage
– Thorough sequencing program with positions and speeds for every unit placement
– Brings costly product organizing method in-house with complete automation




Schiller Park, IL


Qty. (1) ServoLinear RS-080 Series Belt Drive Actuator with 12’ stroke
Qty. (1) ServoLinear RS-V65 Series Belt Drive Vertical Actuator with 4’ stroke
Qty. (2) Emerson CT Epsilon 206 Series Drives
Qty. (2) Emerson CT Unimotor HD-067B Servo Motors
Qty. (1) Destaco End-Effector Custom Vacuum Tooling
Qty. (1) Red Lion Kadet Series Color Touchscreen
Qty. (1) Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC
Qty. (1) Keyence Distance-Measuring Laser Sensor


• Enclosed control panel with touchscreen HMI
• Sensors on tooling with digital displays reading amount of vacuum being generated

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