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iLifter 2.0

iLifter 2.0 - Autonomous Forklift

The iLifter 2.0 is a standard electric forklift developed to an AGV, it can be operated manually at any time. Using an integrated 360 degree laser scanner, the forklift orients itself to existing room structures for navigation. The iLifter uses 3D vision technology to independently identify objects to be moved; exact load and unload locations do not need to be defined. Rated capacity is 2 tons/4400 lbs. ICMS fleet management software coordinates the movement of iLifters and iShuttles for a comprehensive logistics solution.

— Standard electric forklift with AGV technology enhancement
— Autonomous or Manual operation
— Scalable ICMS fleet management software for multiple iLifters
— Compatible with iShuttle autonomous robot shuttle
— Status and position data continuously monitored via WLAN
— Contactless inductive charger, floor mounted

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