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PickBot - Bin Pick Robot

PickBot is an Integrated Robot Solution with 3D Vision for Random Bin Picking

PickBot is offered as a comprehensive integrated solution including: Robot, 3D Vision Camera, Support Frame, Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI, Safety Light Curtain, Machine Guarding and System Programming. PickBot is ready to work on day one.

Artificial Intelligence – The Power of PickBot
Deep learning and industry-leading algorithms allow for picking of untrained objects with no CAD file required. Solomon smart software includes 3D dimensioning, quality detection and robot motion path.

PickBot Applications
PickBot 3D vision technology can be used in a wide variety of applications including assembly, packaging, part loading/unloading, and palletization. High resolution cameras provide an image area up to 40″ x 48″.

PickBot is Available for Leading Robot Brands
The power of PickBot is available for ABB; Motoman/Yaskawa; Fanuc and Universal robots; providing a broad range of payload and reach capabilities.


E-commerce, Manufacturing

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